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PCB Design & Electronics Design
our value added service

PCB Design

Our years of experience working in PCB design and layout had accumulated a lot of design know how that is best meeting the requirement for PCB fabrication and regulation requirements. The many circuit design and PCB footprint databases that we have built over the years allow us to complete your design in the shortest time frame.

We have accumulated many experiences in design PCB layout from cost conscious single sided to high density multilayer PCB. 

Electronics Design

We undertake simple to medium complexity electronics projects, bringing your idea to production.


If you are not familiar with circuit design, we can work out the suitable circuit for your applications. While we are not rocket scientist, the range of electronics reference designs that we have accumulated over the years, should be sufficient to design electronics circuits in most of the normal applications.


PCB Repair and Rebuild Service

Replacing faulty parts in PCB or rebuild obsolete PCB. However, not all PCB can be rebuild especially boards with microprocessor and multi layer PCB. Otherwise, we may also redesign a new PCB based on your description of the operations. Contact us and we will advise you.


Technologies and Experiences

We have many working experience in integrating the following technologies to your design

  • Microcontroller Programming

    - Microchip PIC, Atmel AVR

    - System flow design

  • Stepper Motor Control

    - For precision movement

    - Directional Control

  • DC Motor Control

    - PWM speed control

    - Directional Control

    - Power MOSFET Drive


  • AC Motor Control

    - Inverter speed control

    - Inverter Circuit Design

  • RF Wireless Remote Control

    - Door Opener

    - Light Dimming Control

    - Remote Control Supply


  • Li-Ion/NiMH/Lead Acid Battery Charger Design

  • Solar Power Charging System

    - Charging Topology

    - Capacity Calculation

    - Self sustain remote system


  • Switching Power Supply Design

    - Switching Transformer Design

    - Boost, Buck, Flyback Topology


  • LED Lighting and Display Design

    - Dimming Control

    - Remote Control

    - Power Supply Design


  • Sensors Application

     - Proximity

     - Temperature

     - Motion

     - Axis Sensor

     - Infrared Sensor

  • User Interface

     - Membrane Keypad

     - Android Tablet to Machine Interface

     - LCD Touch Screen

  • Communications

     - RS485, RS232, UART

     - 315MHz/433MHz/868MH  CSM Band Wireless Communications

     - 4-20mA, 2-10V Communications

     - GSM Remote Telemetry







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Send mail to webmaster@broadavenue.com.au with questions or comments about this web site.